My TOP 4 Free Analytic Tools for Small Business Owners

My TOP Free 4 Analytic Tools for Small Business Owners

There are a lot of services on the Internet that can help you analyze the traffic on your site or help to understand what's more interesting to your audience or where you need to change something to improve the visual interface of the website. Squarespace has its own built-in analytics, where you can see the number of visits, and more importantly, the Google (and other) search queries that show you how visitors come to your site.

These services are hundreds. Some paid, some free, eyes run out. The question remains — which one to choose?

So, as Squarespace already allows us to see the number of visits by their analytics, we need to use services that will give us more information, for example - heat map or video of the mouse movements of your visitors.

A heat map example, cool right?

A heat map example, cool right?

So the first and undisputed leader in my tops is the analytics service called HotJar.

Hotjar — heat maps, recordings, funnels of conversion, everything is here. And! This service has a free version. You can record up to 100 visitors and generate a map of clicks from 1000 visits for absolutely free. In most cases, this data would be enough to understand how the design could be improved, so totally recommend the service!

Yandex Metrica — you may have heard about Yandex. This company is very similar to Google but most popular in Russia. And, just like Google, they have its analytics system. But the main difference is that Yandex allows you to record visitors clicks. Free and unlimitedly!

Keywords Everywhere — this one is a total game changer. If you have a site, then you will probably know what SEO is like and would like to have organic traffic on your website from search engines. What is needed for good SEO? The answer is — a blog. Use this Chrome/Firefox app to understand what keywords are must to use in your posts, headlines, website title, and descriptions. A handy thing that completely will change your approach to SEO.

The bottom line is that when you google something, the plugin shows you relevant words or similar queries with the number of these queries per month! Again, this application is also free. Example below.


Pingdom Tools — do you want to test your website loading speed? This service will help you, as well as provide an opportunity to see the main problems associated with optimizing the site, including understanding which pictures take the most time to load. Have not optimized images on the site yet? Check this post then.

Simply enter a link to your site and the testing will take begin automatically.

That's it, hope these services will be helpful :)